Dragon Ball-Advance Adventures

Credit: Helder, GMO, Joseph Tek Fox

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000C4D0 000A
1010BFB0 0007
Infinite Lives32029F36 0063
Infinite Super Bar8202064A 0400
Max Health Bar82020648 04FF
Infinite Health82020646 04FF
Invincible32020658 0002
Have Invincible Power32020650 00FF
Kameha Charged8202064C 0800
Max Score82020660 E0FF
82020662 05F5
Mega Jump74000130 03FE
820205CE FC00
Character Modifier3202066A 00??
Walk At Dashing Speed720205A8 0005
320205A8 0015
720205A8 0004
320205A8 0014
Have All Items Found42029F58 FFFF
00000004 0002
Have All Options Open42029F50 FFFF
00000004 0002
82029F70 FFFF
82029F72 FFFF
1-On-1 Fight Codes
Infinite Health82029986 04FF
Infinite Guard Bar32029988 0011
Kameha Charged8202998E 0400
Infinite Super Bar8202998C 0400