Credit: DarkSerge, Xanimal

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000DF7C 000A
1000030A 0007
Infinite Health830004B4 03E7
Infinite Armor330004B8 03E7
Have Shotgun33000504 0001
Have Proective Armor On330004C9 0003
Have Blue Key330004D0 0001
Have Yellow Key330004D4 0001
Have Red Keycard330004D8 0001
Have Rocket Launcher3300050C 0001
Have Plasma Gun83000510 0001
Have Machine Gun83000514 0001
Have BFG900033000514 0001
Have Chainsaw33000518 0001
Infinite Bullets8300051C 03E7
Infinite Shotgun Shells83000520 03E7
Infinite Plasma Cells83000524 03E7
Infinite Rockets83000528 03E7
Max Bullets8300052C 03E7
Max Shotgun SHells83000530 03E7
Max Plasma Cells83000534 03E7
Max Rockets83000538 03E7
Beat Up Face Icon33006CD4 0001
Perfect Face Icon33006CD4 00FF
Weapon Always Hands330004F4 0000
Weapon Always Pistol330004F4 0001
Weapon Always Shotgun330004F4 0002
Weapon Always Chaingun330004F4 0003
Weapon Always Rocket Launcher330004F4 0004
Weapon Always Plasma Rifle330004F4 0005
Weapon Always BFG330004F4 0006
Weapon Always Chainsaw330004F4 0007