Donald Duck Advance

Credit: misfire

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000ADDC 000A
10003A88 0007
Infinite Lives33005F10 0063
Max Stars33005F11 0063
Have All Energy Spheres33005F12 0007
Infinite Time33005F14 0063
Unlock All Levels33005908 0010
All Stars Collected/Unlock Pics In Gallery83005C64 FFFF
Always Play Level Codes
Duckie Mountain 133005BFC 0000
Duckie Mountain 233005BFC 0001
Duckie Mountain 333005BFC 0002
Duckie Mountain 433005BFC 0003
Duckburg 133005BFC 0004
Duckburg 233005BFC 0005
Duckburg 333005BFC 0006
Duckburg 433005BFC 0007
Magica De Spell's Manor 133005BFC 0008
Magica De Spell's Manor 233005BFC 0009
Magica De Spell's Manor 333005BFC 000A
Magica De Spell's Manor 433005BFC 000B
Merlock's Temple 133005BFC 000C
Merlock's Temple 233005BFC 000D
Merlock's Temple 333005BFC 000E
Merlock's Temple 433005BFC 000F
Merlock's Temple 533005BFC 0010
Start On Level Codes
Duckie Mountain 273005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0001
Duckie Mountain 373005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0002
Duckie Mountain 473005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0003
Duckburg 173005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0004
Duckburg 273005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0005
Duckburg 373005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0006
Duckburg 473005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0007
Magica De Spell's Manor 173005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0008
Magica De Spell's Manor 273005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0009
Magica De Spell's Manor 373005BFC 0000
33005BFC 000A
Magica De Spell's Manor 473005BFC 0000
33005BFC 000B
Merlock's Temple 173005BFC 0000
33005BFC 000C
Merlock's Temple 273005BFC 0000
33005BFC 000D
Merlock's Temple 373005BFC 0000
33005BFC 000E
Merlock's Temple 473005BFC 0000
33005BFC 000F
Merlock's Temple 573005BFC 0000
33005BFC 0010