Disney's Lilo And Stitch

Credit: misfire, Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00002042 000A
10020A30 0007
Rapid FireD0000020 0002
820007C8 0000
Infinite Lives32001140 0063
Quick Score Gain82000A58 FFFF
Max Score82000A58 423F
82000A5A 000F
Fighter Takes No Damage3200D814 000F
Unlock All Movies32000E70 00FF
Unlock All Pictures32001144 00FF
Stitch Codes
Infinite Health32000790 000F
Invincible820007A8 FFFF
Have Super Shot32009DD0 0001
Infinite Super Shot82009444 03E7
Infinite Grenades32009448 0063
Press A Button For Moon JumpD0000020 0001
820009D6 0001
Lilo Codes
Infinite Health32000E90 000F
Invincible82000EA8 FFFF
Start On Level Codes
Level 272000A4C 0000
32000A4C 0001
Level 372000A4C 0000
32000A4C 0002
Level 472000A4C 0000
32000A4C 0003
Level 572000A4C 0000
32000A4C 0004
Level 672000A4C 0000
32000A4C 0005
Level 772000A4C 0000
32000A4C 0006
Credits72000A4C 0000
32000A4C 0007