Dexter's Laboratory-Deesaster Strikes!

Credit: Masa

Enable Code (Must Be On)00003EC4 000A
1000066C 0007
Infinite Health820325BE 0082
Infinite Tries820325BC 0009
Max Dee Dee's32032610 0063
Have Wrench320325E0 0003
Have Screwdriver320325E2 0004
Have Pliers320325E4 0005
Have Soldering Tool320325E6 0006
Have Hammer320325E8 0007
Have Drill320325EA 0008
Have Zap-a-tron320325EC 0009
Have Splurgerator320325EE 000B
Have Green Keycard320325F0 000C
Have Blue Keycard320325F2 000D
Have Red Keycard320325F4 000E
Have Yellow Keycard320325F6 000F
Have Brown Keycard320325F8 0010
Have Green Key320325FA 0012
Have Red Key320325FC 0013
Have Yellow Key320325FE 0014
Have Red Gem32032600 0016
Have Green Gem32032602 0017
Have Blue Gem32032604 0018
Have Yellow Gem32032606 0019
Have Yellow Pill32032608 0015