Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3

Credit: Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)000038BA 000A
1004C980 0007
50,000 Cash820125CC C350
Max Rush3200E481 00AA
All Levels320125C4 00FF
Session Timer Codes
Press Select+Down To Pause74000130 037B
83005A00 0001
73005A00 0001
330015D0 0000
Press Select+Up To Resume74000130 03BB
83005A00 0000
Have All Challenges Complete Codes
Skate Park82012D1C FFFF
Building Site82012D40 FFFF
Downtown82012D64 FFFF
Airport82012D88 FFFF
Port82012DAC FFFF
Tanker82012DD0 FFFF
China Town82012DF4 FFFF
Sky Scraper82012E18 FFFF