Columns Crown (European)

Credit: Slab, Mastersord

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000639F 000A
10006E1A 0007
Level Modifier-Flash (00-62)33003DDF 00??
Challenge Stage-Flash33003DDF 0063
Have 5 Of All Magic Gems43002A40 0505
0000001B 0002
Survival Mode Codes
Level Modifier83002C42 0???
Max Jewels83002C48 270F
Start With Jewels Modifier73002C48 0000
83002C48 0???
Max Meter83002C54 7FFF
Press A For Color Modifier33002C5A 00??
Always Master Grade83003E06 8080
83003E08 8080
VS CPU Codes
Max Magic Gem Meter 183002EFC 00FF
No Magic Gem Meter 183002EFC 0000
Max Magic Gem Meter 283002C54 00FF
No Magic Gem Meter 283002C54 0000
Max Gems83002C52 03E7
No Gems83002C52 0000
Stop Timer83003E1C 0000