CIMA The Enemy

Credit: Likk, Radical Dreamer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00000000 0002
100001DE 0007
Max Brown Jewels3201FF84 0063
Max Blue Jewels3201FF85 0063
Max Red Jewels3201FF86 0063
Max White Jewels3201FF87 0063
Character Set In Room Modifier82014230 ????
Room Modifier82025A18 ????
Ark J Codes
Infinite Health32019851 0012
Max Attack32019852 0063
Max DEF32019853 0063
Ivy F Codes
Infinite Health3201A811 0010
Max Attack3201A812 0063
Max DEF32019813 0063
Vanrose U Codes
Infinite Health3201B6D1 0014
Halley H Codes
Infinite Health3201C1A9 0012
Max Attack3201C1AA 0063
Max DEF3201C1AB 0063
Yurald D Codes
Infinite Health3201B8CD 000E
Max DEF3201B8CF 0063
Claude L Codes
Infinite Health3201B9C9 000E
Max DEF3201B9CB 0063