Carrera Power Slide (European)

Credit: Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)000047FF 000A
10002C14 0007
Quick Cash Gain830059FC FFFF
Max Cash830059FC E0FF
830059FE 05F5
Infinite Fuel8300539C FFFF
Infinite Boost74000130 03BE
33005380 0010
Max Top Speed3300538A 0010
Insane Top Speed3300538A 0020
Excellent Grip830033DE 0000
Quick Recovery73005378 0050
83005378 0000
Unlock All Stages43005B78 FFFF
00000003 0002
Season Lap Amount Modifier Codes
1 Lap33004470 0001
2 Lap33004470 0002
5 Lap33004470 0005
10 Lap33004470 000A
20 Lap33004470 0014
50 Lap33004470 0032
Have Fully Upgraded Car Codes
Classic Car Codes
Scarlet Classic830059B0 01FF
The Sprinter830059B2 01FF
Gold Dust830059B4 01FF
Diamond Dasher830059B6 01FF
Silver Ghost830059B8 01FF
The Panther830059BA 01FF
Muscle Car Codes
Red Devil830059BC 01FF
The Machine830059BE 01FF
The Brute830059C0 01FF
Sun Spot830059C2 01FF
Hot Ice830059C4 01FF
The Beast830059C6 01FF
Touring Car Codes
Red Fire Hawk830059C8 01FF
The Defier830059CA 01FF
The Blue Bolt830059CC 01FF
Solstice Speedster830059CE 01FF
The Ivory Dart830059D0 01FF
Nightshade830059D2 01FF
GT Racer Codes
Fire Ball830059D4 01FF
The Green Monster830059D6 01FF
Speed Master830059D8 01FF
The Enforcer830059DA 01FF
Lightning Flash830059DC 01FF
The Annihilator830059DE 01FF
Le Man Racer Codes
The Phoenix830059E0 01FF
Green Giant830059E2 01FF
Blue Bomber830059E4 01FF
The Punisher830059E6 01FF
The Crusader830059E8 01FF
Daylight Robbery830059EA 01FF
Formular Racer Codes
The Destroyer830059EC 01FF
The Navigator830059EE 01FF
Silver Dart830059F0 01FF
The Flamer830059F2 01FF
The Spark830059F4 01FF
Dark Ninja830059F6 01FF