Breath Of Fire II

Credit: DarkSerge, mr_likkatwat

Enable Code (Must Be On)00000000 0002
100002E8 0007
Infinite Money82006870 FFFF
Lotsa Money In Bank820069EC FFFF
No Random Battles83004700 0000
Play As Windian Lady Instead Of Ryu (Out Of Battle) Ryu's Mother? (Blue Hair And Gold Wings)82006A00 03E7
Max Luck (Works On All Positions)82006BAA 03E7
Invincible (Against Physical Attacks)8300270A 0008
Enable All Shaman82006E76 3F00
Infinite Time Underwater At Sky Tower83004C7C 0003
Receive A Lot Of Exp After Battle83002714 FFFF
1st Position Codes
Infinite HP82006A04 03E7
Max HP82006A06 03E7
Infinite AP82006A08 03E7
Max AP82006A0A 03E7
Quick Level Gain82006A2C FFFF
Max Stamina32006A0E 00FF
Max Agility32006A10 00FF
Max Offense32006A20 00FF
Max DEF32006A22 00FF
Max Vigor32006A24 00FF
Max Wisdom32006A26 00FF
Max Luck32006A27 00FF
Max Guts32006A29 00FF
2nd Position Codes
Infinite HP82006A3C 03E7
Max HP82006A3E 03E7
Infinite AP82006A40 03E7
Max AP82006A42 03E7
Quick Level Gain82006A64 FFFF
Max Stamina32006A46 00FF
Max Agility32006A48 00FF
Max Wisdom32006A5E 00FF
Max Offense32006A58 00FF
Max DEF32006A5A 00FF
Max Vigor32006A5C 00FF
Max Luck32006A5F 00FF
Max Guts32006A61 00FF
3rd Position Codes
Infinite HP82006A74 03E7
Max HP82006A76 03E7
Infinite AP82006A78 03E7
Max AP82006A7A 03E7
Quick Level Gain82006A9C FFFF
Max Stamina32006A7E 00FF
Max Agility32006A80 00FF
Max Offense32006A90 00FF
Max DEF32006A92 00FF
Max Vigor32006A94 00FF
Max Wisdom32006A96 00FF
Max Luck32006A97 00FF
Max Guts32006A99 00FF
4th Position Codes
Infinite HP82006AAC 03E7
Max HP82006AAE 03E7
Infinite AP82006AB0 03E7
Max AP82006AB2 03E7
Quick Level Gain82006AD4 FFFF
Max Stamina32006AB6 00FF
Max Agility32006AB8 00FF
Max Offense32006AC8 00FF
Max DEF32006ACA 00FF
Max Vigor32006ACC 00FF
Max Wisdom32006ACE 00FF
Max Luck32006ACF 00FF
Max Guts32006AD1 00FF
In-Battle Codes
Infinite HP Codes
Slot 183004DE4 03E7
Slot 283004EA8 03E7
Slot 383004F6C 03E7
Slot 483005030 03E7
Infinite MP Codes
Slot 183004DE8 03E7
Slot 283004EAC 03E7
Slot 383004F70 03E7
Slot 483005034 03E7
1-Hit Death Codes
Enemy 1830047E4 0001
Enemy 2830048A8 0001
Enemy 38300496C 0001
Character Modifier Codes
Slot 1 Codes
Hero82006A0C 0000
Bow82006A0C 0001
Bow Shamanized82006A0C 0006
Rand82006A0C 0007
Rand Shamanized82006A0C 0011
Katt82006A0C 0013
Katt Shamanized82006A0C 0014
Nina82006A0C 0018
Nina Shamanized82006A0C 0028
Sten82006A0C 0029
Sten Shamanized82006A0C 0035
Jean82006A0C 0036
Jean Shamanized82006A0C 0039
Spar82006A0C 003C
Mushroom Girl (Spar Shamanized Form 1)82006A0C 003E
Onion (Spar Shamanized Form 2)82006A0C 0042
Plant Dragon (Spar Shamanized Form 3)82006A0C 0045
Slot 2 Codes
Hero82006A44 0000
Bow82006A44 0001
Bow Shamanized82006A44 0006
Rand82006A44 0007
Rand Shamanized82006A44 0011
Katt82006A44 0013
Katt Shamanized82006A44 0014
Nina82006A44 0018
Nina Shamanized82006A44 0028
Sten82006A44 0029
Sten Shamanized82006A44 0035
Jean82006A44 0036
Jean Shamanized82006A44 0039
Spar82006A44 003C
Mushroom Girl (Spar Shamanized Form 1)82006A44 003E
Onion (Spar Shamanized Form 2)82006A44 0042
Plant Dragon (Spar Shamanized Form 3)82006A44 0045
Slot 3 Codes
Hero82006A7C 0000
Bow82006A7C 0001
Bow Shamanized82006A7C 0006
Rand82006A7C 0007
Rand Shamanized82006A7C 0011
Katt82006A7C 0013
Katt Shamanized82006A7C 0014
Nina82006A7C 0018
Nina Shamanized82006A7C 0028
Sten82006A7C 0029
Sten Shamanized82006A7C 0035
Jean82006A7C 0036
Jean Shamanized82006A7C 0039
Spar82006A7C 003C
Mushroom Girl (Spar Shamanized Form 1)82006A7C 003E
Onion (Spar Shamanized Form 2)82006A7C 0042
Plant Dragon (Spar Shamanized Form 3)82006A7C 0045
Slot 4 Codes
Hero82006AB4 0000
Bow82006AB4 0001
Bow Shamanized82006AB4 0006
Rand82006AB4 0007
Rand Shamanized82006AB4 0011
Katt82006AB4 0013
Katt Shamanized82006AB4 0014
Nina82006AB4 0018
Nina Shamanized82006AB4 0028
Sten82006AB4 0029
Sten Shamanized82006AB4 0035
Jean82006AB4 0036
Jean Shamanized82006AB4 0039
Spar82006AB4 003C
Mushroom Girl (Spar Shamanized Form 1)82006AB4 003E
Onion (Spar Shamanized Form 2)82006AB4 0042
Plant Dragon (Spar Shamanized Form 3)82006AB4 0045