Super Mario Land

Credit: Alex Stiber, Topgun588, by Rad Fiasco,,, PikaPoke, DrShnaps, Volrath,

Unlimited Time019961DA
No Enemys01FF00D1
Game Skips Some Music01FF92DF
Enemys Fall From The Sky And Run Away016313D1
High Points Modifier (00-99)01??A1C0
Unlimited Lives010115DA
Score Modifier For Digits 1 & 201??A2C0
Score Modifier For Digits 3 & 401??A1C0
Score Modifier For Digits 5 & 601??A0C0
Infinite Continues010902C0
Part Of Head Floating01670CC0
Infinite Lives010315DA
Mario Slides011003C2
Always Have Star01ECD3C0
First Item Modifier01??1FC9
Rest Of The Item Modifier01??76C9
Automaticly At End Of Level01ECD2C0
Baddies & Some Objects Can Be Moved (Use On/Off)019613D1
Baddies & Some Objects Can Be Moved 2 (Use On/Off)014523D1
Hold A Or B For Repeated Jumps And Shots010080FF
Disable 'A' Button010180FF
Character Modifier01??03C2