Operation C

Credit: jonathan_foster@hotmail.com

Infinite Lives010288C7
Ice Skate Shooting01020CC0
Running In Place While Shooting (Switch Off To Continue)013A16C0
No Enemies Except For Boats (Switch Off To Get Weaponery & At The End Of Each Stage To Continue)010000C1
Makes Some Soldiers Hard To Kill01FF07C5
This Code Keeps You From Goin The Opposite Direction (Switch Off To Go Opossite Direction)01B015C0
Stuck In The Middle & Can't Go Nowhere (Switch Off To Go Either Way)014D16C0
No Shots010000CE
1 Shot010000CF
2 Shot's010000D0
3 Shot's010000D1
4 Shot's010000D2
Jungle Sounds (Boulder's Dropping)010200C1
You Will Start Floating Up When You Start Game019009C0