Kirby's Pinball Land

Credit:, DrShnaps,,

Full Spring Star0105D4C0
Infinite Kirby's0103B0C0
Infinite Time010244C3
Bonus Score Modifier01??C1C0
Bonus Multiplier01??C2C0
Score Modifier-First Digit010?BDC0
Score Modifier-Second & Third Digit01??BEC0
Score Modifier-Fourth & Fifth Digit01??BFC0
Score Modifier-Sixth & Seventh Digit01??C0C0
Score Modifier-Eighth Digit01?1C1C0
Always Fight Bosses0101D1C0
Poppy Brothers Land Only Codes
Top Stage
Have Left Stopper01D01CC3
Have Right Stopper01C01DC3
Have Drain Stopper014828C3
Middle Stage
Have Left Stopper01D51EC3
Have Right Stopper01A61FC3
Have Drain Stopper011929C3
Have Left Poppy01B7C1C3
Have Right Poppy0113C2C3
Bottom Stage
Have Left Stopper01D820C3
Have Right Stopper01D721C3
Have Drain Stopper014A2AC3
Wispy Woods Land Only Codes
Top Stage Codes
The Left Twister Continuously Turns01DC72C3
The Right Twister Continuously Turns01DE73C3