Harvest Moon

Credit: Kong K. Rool, bell360@hotmail.com, MGaravatti@aol.com, iiii nexx iiii@aol.com

Infinite Money01FFEFB8
Time Modifier01??82B8
Day Modifier01??83B8
Have Super Sycle (Tool Shed)0101A7B8
Have Super Hoe (Tool Shed)0101A8B8
Have Super Hammer (Tool Shed)0101A9B8
Have Super Ax (Tool Shed)0101AAB8
Have Cow Medicine (Tool Shed)0101ABB8
Have Milker (Tool Shed)0101ACB8
Have Brush (Tool Shed)0101ADB8
Have Water Can (Tool Shed)0101AEB8
Have Sprinkler (Tool Shed) (Don't Use with Water Can Code)0101AFB8
Have P. Medicine (Tool Shed)0101B1B8
Have M. Potion (Tool Shed)0101B2B8
Have Cow Bell (Tool Shed)0101B3B8
Have Grass Seeds (Tool Shed)0101B4B8
Have Turnip Seeds (Tool Shed)0101B5B8
Have Potato Seeds (Tool Shed)0101B6B8
Have Tomato Seeds (Tool Shed)0101B7B8
Have Corn Seeds (Tool Shed)0101B8B8
Have Eggplant Seeds (Tool Shed)0101B9B8
Have Peanut Seeds (Tool Shed)0101BAB8
Have Carrot Seeds (Tool Shed)0101BBB8
Have Broccli Seeds (Tool Shed)0101BCB8
Have Pick Ax (Tool Shed)0101BDB8
Have Umbrella (Tool Shed)0101BEB8
Have Fishing Rod (Tool Shed)0101BFB8
Have Cow Feed0101C0B8
Have Chicken Feed0101C1B8
Have Cat For Pet0101DAB8
Have Dog For Pet0100DAB8
Have No Pet0100DAB8
Infinite Turnip Seeds0163D2B8
Infinite Potato Seeds0163D3B8
Infinite Tomato Seeds0163D4B8
Infinite Corn Seeds0163D5B8
Infinite Eggplant Seeds0163D6B8
Infinite Peanut Seeds0163D7B8
Infinite Carrot Seeds0163D8B8
Infinite Broccli Seeds0163D9B8
Infinite Grass Seeds0163DAB8
Items Equipped on Position 1 Mod01??F8B8
Items Equipped on Position 2 Mod01??F9B8
Items Equipped on Hands Position01??FAB8
Infinite Crissant0163C5B8
Infinite Rice Ballling0163C6B8
Infinite Meat Dumpling0163C7B8
Infinite Wild Grape Juice0163CAB8
Infinite Green Tea0163CBB8
Infinite Material (Wood)01FF38B9
Infinite Fodder01FF3AB9
Events Modifier (Turn off GS when farmer steps outside)01??8DB8
Weather Modifier01??A0B8
Have 99 Milk0163CCB8
End Of The Year Evaluation01118DE8
Become A Ranch Master Without Doing Any Work0101D1B8