Harvest Moon 2 (Color)

Credit: Sage, mobius_trip@hotmail.com, fpelayo_hs@yahoo.com

Infinite Money01FF03CE
Have Ax0101B5CD
Have Hammer0101B6CD
Have Sickle0101B7CD
Have A Hoe0101B8CD
Infinite Lumber And Fodder And Seeds010920CA
Hour Modifier01??0DCE
Have Fishing Rod0101FDCE
Have miracle glove0101FECE
Have Bell0101FFCE
Have Whistle010100CF
Have Horn010101CF
Have Dont Enter!!010102CF
Have Sprinkler010103CF
Have Brush010104CF
Have Shampoo010105CF
Have Milker010106CF
Have Clippers010107CF
Have Scissors010108CF
Have Net010109CF
Have Cow Medicine01010ACF
Have Cm Potion01010BCF
Have Sheep Medicine01010CCF
Have Sm Potion01010DCF
Have Potato Seeds010112CF
Have Tomato Seeds010114CF
Have Corn Seeds010115CF
Have Melon Seeds010116CF
Have Eggplant Seeds010117CF
Have Peanut Seeds010118CF
Have S. Potato Seeds010119CF
Have Carrot Seeds01011ACF
Have Broccoli Seeds01011BCF
Have Napa Seeds01011CCF
Have Grass Seeds01011DCF
Have Rosemary Seeds01011ECF
Have Chamomile Seeds01011FCF
Have Sage Seeds010120CF
Have Saffron Seeds010121CF
Have Geranium Seeds010122CF
Have Lavender Seeds010123CF
Have Primrose Seeds010124CF
Have Orchid Seeds010125CF
Have Super Sickle0101F9CE
Have Super Hoe0101FACE
Have Super Axe0101FBCE
Have Super Hammer0101FCCE